Cantonese dish, also known as Cheung Fun 腸粉, made of thin rice noodles rolled, and filled with meat and/or vegetables, topped with seasoned sauces such as soy and hoisin sauce.

Our rice roll

What we do differently is how we make our rice batter: fresh rice grinded daily by a stone mill, and combined with our in-house secret mix to produce a one-of-a-kind soft and chewy texture. 

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"They have an earthiness and elasticity that I haven’t found elsewhere."

Ligaya Mishan | NYTIMES

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Joe’s Steam Rice Roll started with Chef and Owner Joe Rong’s longing for a steamed rice roll—the way he had it growing up in China: fresh rice batter poured onto a tray, along with fresh meat and vegetables, and all cooked within a steamer.

Serendipitously, Joe’s quest for the ideal steamed rice roll led him back home to Taishan, China, where he learned from masters of the craft as a humble student.

Our mission is to continuously improve and innovate to share our best version of an authentic taste of our culture with the World.

Credit: Sixty First Productions




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Credit: Sixty First Productions